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Cusco is a symbol of human power; that is, the intermediate world between the cosmos and the Pacha Mama. Its perfect stone walls and mysterious streets remind us that it was the capital city of the ancient Incas Empire under Spanish buildings. Nowadays it has various places to visit: monuments, ancient residences, convents museums that keep art and historical wealth, and speaking of Cusco also involves speaking about gastronomy and crafts. This is because cooks and artisans have taken care for generations of their tradition in their recipes and popular artwork.

To relax

If you like to eat, travel, care for the body and the soul, you can also do it in Cusco, the same way the Incas did in 500 years ago when they chose the Sacred Valley as a destination to rest, to access the rainforest or the pure water reserves, today it is also the destination for those who seek wellness. Several of the best hotels in the city offer different massage and body treatment options, including hydromassage, gym, Jacuzzi and spas.